When it Comes to Medical Care, There is No Place Like a Medical Home-NEW Handouts for Families!

Pediatricians are overwhelmed with respiratory illnesses in multiple care settings-RSV, COVID, Influenza and Strep Throat. This is causing long wait times to be in seen in emergency departments and urgent care clinics. Ohio AAP recently introduced NEW materials to share with families on why the Pediatric Medical Home is the BEST place for children to receive care, along with exactly when and where to seek the most appropriate care for their child.  Many illnesses such as the ones listed above can be treated by primary care pediatricians, and often can be managed over the phone by pediatric office nurses and physicians.  Therefore, these resources are so timely to share with families.

We have three versions with links below:

Medical Home Focus

Medical Home and Telehealth

Medical Home and Telehealth-customizable for your practice

Please remember to visit OhioAAP.org for latest in advocacy, education, and programs. If you have questions, please contact Elizabeth Dawson at edawson@ohioaap.org.

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