Store It Safe: Gun Box Application

Now that you’ve taken the Store It Safe Pledge and have commitTed to reversing the trend of irreversible actions, what comes next?

The Ohio AAP is excited to announce the availability of a limited supply of gun lock boxes to partners who promote Store It Safe in their communities. These boxes have been piloted for use by pediatric practices in Ohio, and are intended to be provided to families with teens as a method of assisting with suicide prevention by reducing access to lethal means. The type of boxes to be provided are pictured.

The Ohio AAP will provide gun boxes to promote safe storage based upon the available funding, number of applications, and need of each community/organization. Completion of an application is not a guarantee for gun boxes. Notification of awards will be made using the email in the application by early 2021.

*Gun boxes will need to be picked up at Ohio AAP offices during normal business hours or shipped to you at your own expense. 

Applicant Information

Type of organization (select all that apply): *
(If Applicable)

Number of Lock Boxes Requested:
Total amount of lock boxes requested is not guaranteed.

Terms of Grant: By typing your initials on each item, and typing your full name at the end of the application, you agree to complete these terms in their entirety in return for receipt of gun boxes. Failure to complete any of the required items may lead to disqualification for gun boxes in future years.

Link will be sent to the indicated contact email.