Stop Dangerous Fireworks Bill by Contacting Governor Mike DeWine TODAY!

If it only took 60 seconds of your time to save someone’s sight or even their life, would you give it? This is a chance for you to do just that!

Governor DeWine is poised to put Ohio’s children at dramatically increased risk for injury and personal safety if he signs Substitute House Bill (HB) 172, which legalizes the discharge of consumer grade fireworks, including bottle rockets, firecrackers, and missiles with only minimal safety restrictions in place.

Sub. HB 172 has passed the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate and is on its way to Governor DeWine’s desk for signature! This is our last chance to stop this bill from becoming law!

The Ohio Fireworks Safety Coalition has offered constructive input to make this dangerous bill safer and allow local communities to make a wider range of local decisions about consumer discharge of fireworks in their neighborhoods versus having this decision dictated by the State of Ohio.  Despite this, Sub. HB 172 currently limits local control to just a few options including time and date of discharge or banning consumer discharge totally.

There were 15,600 serious injuries caused by discharge of consumer fireworks last year… and HALF were to innocent bystanders. This is a 56% increase over the previous year! 25% of those injured are children!

So, even if you are one of those individuals who doesn’t ever plan to discharge a bottle rocket, firecracker or missile, you or a family member may still be hurt or suffer property damage due to the acts of others!

Click on the “Take Action” button below and make direct contact with Governor DeWine. A letter will be provided that you can use as is, modify or replace with one of your own. The letter can also be used as a guideline for the key points to cover in a phone contact with the Governor’s Office (614-466-3555).

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