Smoke Free Families Promising Results Published, Resources Available

Academic Pediatrics recently published an article from the Ohio AAP’s Smoke Free Families (SFF) team. The article, titled “Assessment of the Smoke Free Families Tobacco Screening, Counseling, and Referral Program in Pediatric Primary Care Practices” was published online May 26, 2023, and utilized lessons learned during the first 3 waves of the project. Ohio AAP member Melinda Mahabee-Gittens, MD, PhD is the lead author, with contributions from the SFF team, including Ohio AAP past-president Michael Gittelman, MD.

During these waves, the SFF screening tool was used at more than 19,000 well-child visits, and identified 18.8% of infants were exposed to tobacco smoke. Participants in the SFF project were trained on the AAR method of supporting tobacco cessation with families. This process includes:

  • Ask caregivers about tobacco use
  • Advise smokers to quit
  • Refer smokers to cessation services

By rescreening families at repeat visits, the SFF program showed that 25% of families self-reported quitting tobacco use following the AAR process, and 48% of cigarette users reported cutting back before the second visit. The article concluded that “systematic use of the SFF AAR tool during infants’ WCVs could improve the health of caregivers and children, resulting in decreases in tobacco-related morbidity.”

Ohio AAP members and partners can now access materials used in the SFF program, and brief trainings on implementing the changes promoted in SFF, at:

For additional information on Ohio AAP smoking and vaping prevention programs, please contact Hayley Southworth at

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