Seeking Ohio AAP Member to Serve as Expert on Provider Health and Stress Management

Are you passionate about the health of your fellow pediatricians? Would you like to share your knowledge on how to manage stress and find a positive professional and personal life balance?

The Ohio AAP is seeking a member to serve as an expert for providing education and guidance on provider health. We are preparing to spread best practices or recommendations that ensure Ohio’s pediatricians and other healthcare providers are taking care of one of their most important patients – themselves!

Our ideal leader in this area will have a passion, professional education and lived experience that allows them to share with other on managing stress, promoting provider health, and positive coping or healing from provider trauma. This individual should be comfortable providing brief education via webinar and sharing in discussion with other providers, as we may invite you to present to our project’s teams occasionally.

If this opportunity fits your passion and expertise area, please contact Hayley Southworth at to schedule a brief call and discuss further.

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