Reduce Lead Risk Exposure with New In-Office Coaching

Children under the age of 6 are at a high risk for lead exposure and poisoning. Across Ohio, cities like Cleveland are working to protect the children in their communities through comprehensive soil testing and holding predatory landlords accountable for their roles in childhood lead exposure. Fifty Cleveland landlords have been charged with misdemeanor offenses related to dangerous lead levels at their properties and failure to follow lead regulations from the city. These landlords could face jail time and thousands of dollars’ worth of fines. The City of Cleveland Department of Building and Housing has partnered with an Ohio-owned landscape company and researchers from The Ohio State University to pilot test a soil blend that binds lead and reduces exposure through ingestion and inhalation, all while growing clover and other pollinator seeds.

The Ohio AAP is excited to support your part on a journey to a Lead-Free Ohio through our practice coaching and training programs, designed to empower you to reduce elevated blood lead levels in your community.

If you would like to learn more, sign up here for our recruitment webinar, or take the leap and sign up for the practice coaching today!

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