2024 Put a Lid On It Bike Helmet Application

2024 Bike Helmet Application
Type of Organization
Will elected officials be involved in your event (federal, state or local)?
Will law enforcement be involved in your event?
Approximate percent of children within your planned helmet distribution area that qualify for a free or reduced lunch program?
Have you participated in Put A Lid On It! in the past?
Your Program Site Setting (Check all that apply):

Please share an estimated ethnicity breakdown by percentage on the population primarily served:

(All fields must have a numeric response, if the percentage is 0, please enter 0 in the respective field.)

Please indicate the quantify of helmets requested:

If you do not want to receive a particular size of helmets please make sure you update the requested amount to 0. If you have a preference of one size over another, please request more of that size. We will do our best to accommodate requests.
Sizing Guide: 20" – 21.25" (3-6 years)
Sizing Guide: 21.5" - 22.5" (6-11 years)
Sizing Guide: 22.75" - 24.5" (11+ years)

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