Building Mental Wellness

Since its inception in 2012, the Ohio AAP’s Building Mental Wellness (BMW) program has worked with nearly 60 pediatric practices and pediatric and family medicine residency programs, reaching approximately 600 healthcare providers. The program has been designed to train primary care providers in therapeutic communication skills and evidence-based strategies for assessing and managing everyday mental health conditions, and further supporting the application of this training through integration of behavioral health screening and treatment into primary care.

The Building Mental Wellness program has impacted many lives since it launched in 2012:

  • Worked with nearly 60 pediatric and family medicine practices, reaching approximately 600 health care providers.
  • In the past five years, BMW impacted an estimated 500,000 children throughout Ohio.
  • During the most recent BMW Residency Learning Collaborative, faculty and residents completed a practitioner confidence form at three time points to assess the provider’s confidence in the use of the communication skills and the assessment and management of anxiety, low mood and disruptive behaviors (such as ADHD). By the end of the nine-month learning collaborative, 99% of providers’ express confidence in using the Common Factors strategies (54% very confident and 45% somewhat confident), which is an increase of 13% from Pre-Training. First line advice strategies saw an increase of 31% in confidence from Pre-Training to end of collaborative.

Opportunities for Involvement:

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