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Designed by pediatric experts and health care providers as a Quality Improvement program, the Parenting at Mealtime and Playtime (PMP) Initiative provides tools and resources for physicians to help counsel families during well child visits with children birth–5-years old about developing lifelong habits around healthy weight and activity, and appropriate sleep.  Since PMP began in early 2014, the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP) has seen and heard about its importance and success from practice participants.

A recent participant commented, “With the resources, we’re getting more than just the best information to give to parents – we’re learning the concepts of teaching better habits at such an important time in a child’s life.” Over the past four cycles of the program, there has been significant improvement in vital measurement and documentation to identify at-risk patients, as well as an increase in nutritional and physical activity counseling.

The Ohio AAP recognizes the challenges physicians face trying to manage their practice and participate in the PMP collaborative. With participant feedback, Ohio AAP, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Health, has made updates to the program to improve the physician experience in the program while striving for enhanced counseling for patients and families.

We invite you to join the PMP program and benefit from these resources and more:

  • Online Quality Improvement (QI) trainings that can enhance other areas of practice and fit into your busy schedule
  • Support and assistance from Ohio AAP through staff assistance and “hot topic webinars” – webinars that address the needs of you and your colleagues in navigating the program
  • New methods to help families nurture positive parent-child relationships during meal and play times, all aligned with age-appropriate developmental milestones
  • Tools for physicians to enhance prevention counseling and offer focused messaging during well child visits
  • Tools that can help physicians recognize children at-risk for overweight at an early age to prevent overweight/obesity issues as children get older
  • Mobile App that provides families with age-specific information at their fingertips
  • Parent handouts on nutrition and physical activity, focusing on parent-child dialogue and interaction
  • Patient and family resources to assist discussions, including popular items such as the MyPlates and MyPlates Placemats
  • MOC Part IV credit for eligible physicians

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Questions?  To learn more or to enroll, contact Renee Dickman, Program Manager, at 614-846-6258 or and check out  the program at the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting!