PMP Journal Club Pre-Test

1. Developmentally appropriate play with parents and peers promotes:

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2. Play is an activity that is intrinsically motivated, allows for active engagement, and joyful discovery

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3. Childhood obesity is associated with various immediate and long-term illnesses such as:

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4. A diet high is fruits and vegetables is associated with reduced risk of chronic diseases

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5. Healthy neurodevelopment is dependent on:

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6. Ways to help parents navigate the challenges of remote learning include:

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7. Based on Nutritional studies the following are true except:

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8. True or False? Supplementary foods are needed to supply adequate amounts of zinc and iron in the older exclusively breast fed infant.

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9. Although a mother’s own milk is always preferred, donor human milk may be used for high- risk infants when the mother’s milk is not available or the mother cannot provide milk. Priority should be given to providing donor human milk to infants with the following risk factor:

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10. The following include the most common food allergens except:

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11. Which age group is considered high risk because they are most likely to ingest food allergens and postpone therapy?

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12. Please enter your name:

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