MOC Part II – Development

Child Health PillarWondering what Part II Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is?
Wish the content of Part II MOC assessments better matched your practice?

Read on to learn why Part II Maintenance of Certification (MOC) matters and how you can shape the future of the Ohio AAP’s Part II MOC Self-Assessments!

Why do Maintenance of Certification and Part II Self-Assessments matter?

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According to the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP), in a 2003 Gallup Poll, when asked – “if you knew your doctor’s board certification had expired, would you change doctors?” – 54 percent of respondents replied that they would be “very likely to change.” Learn more about the Value of MOC.
The American Board of Pediatrics and other medical organizations developed the Part 2 MOC program to help pediatricians assess and enhance their clinical knowledge and practice skills. Pediatric experts design Part 2 self-assessments to support and promote lifelong learning because of its importance in providing quality patient care.

Physicians are required to earn MOC points for participating in Part II Self-Assessments during every cycle; at least 40 points of Part II MOC must be included in the total of 100 points required for recertification.

What role does the Ohio AAP play in Part II MOC Self-Assessments?

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As a leader in providing education to Ohio’s pediatricians, the Ohio AAP hosted the first Part II MOC workshop in 2013. This activity provided attendees with access to an expert in the test topic area, who discussed the resources, test questions, and guided attendees through the assessment. In just three hours, attendees completed the self-assessment and earned 20 points of Part II MOC credit, as well as gaining valuable knowledge in the topic area that could be applied in practice the next day. Building on this success, the Ohio AAP hosted three workshops in 2014; again, topic experts guided attendees through tests to earn their Part II MOC credits in a short amount of time.

To add even more value for members, the Ohio AAP will introduce Part II MOC Self-Assessments created by Ohio AAP leaders. These assessments will address topic areas that have not yet been covered, such as injury prevention and foster care. All Part II MOC workshops to date have featured self-assessments created by the ABP; the first Ohio AAP created Part II MOC Self-Assessments will be introduced at Annual Meeting 2015.


You can shape the future of Part II MOC Self-Assessments!

If you are an expert in a topic area and would like to develop a Part II MOC Self-Assessment on this topic, the Ohio AAP is here to assist you! A process has been developed to guide you through the steps of creating a Part II MOC Self-Assessment, from inception to launching and hosting.

If you’re interested in developing a new self-assessment, use the flowchart and answer these questions below:

MOC II Flowchart

Before you get started, do you have (or can you create)?

  • A Physician Leader/Medical Director
  • A topic that falls into the Ohio AAP Mission
  • An 11-Month Timeframe from Conception to Launch
  • A Project Budget and Funding Source
  • A 10 – 12 Peer-reviewed Resources Covering Topic Area for Creation of Self-Assessment
  • An Ohio AAP Child Health Pillar Liaison – Assigned by Ohio AAP upon approval of project
  • An Ohio AAP Staff Project Manager – Assigned by Ohio AAP upon approval of project
  • A Desired Date and Presentation Location
  • A Pediatric Topic Area for the Self-Assessment
  • An ACCME-accredited CME Provider
  • An Original Self-Assessment
    • Comprised of at least 25 (4 or 5 five-option), single-best-answer, multiple-choice questions (except questions discouraged)

Based on the questions above, are you ready? Then let’s get started!

Not ready to write your own self-assessment yet? Take existing tests here!


If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact Elizabeth Dawson at or (614) 846-6258.