Parental Refusal of Vaccines

Parental Refusal of Vaccines

Newly Updated Parental Refusal of Vaccines Brochures!

Click on the links below for the latest materials from the Ohio AAP addressing parental refusal of vaccines. You can also find a copy of the introduction letter by here.

“Your Child Thanks You!” – (Full Color)
“Why Risk It?” – (Full Color)
“What is Your Reason?” – (Full Color)

As we all know, the pediatric community is facing ever growing parental refusal over vaccines, and unfortunately, we are now beginning to see more and more children not receiving the recommended vaccines and outbreaks of these previously dormant infectious diseases. With the increase in celebrity endorsement for vaccine refusal, and the continued coverage of unfounded science over negative aspects of vaccines, we find that more and more of our membership has asked for assistance in responding to parents and others over the safety and importance of vaccines.

The Ohio AAP has an existing grant-funded program by the Ohio Department of Health, Maximizing Office Based Immunizations, that conducts more than 450 trainings in pediatrician and family medicine practices per year, which is posed to get information into the hands of physicians so that they can more adequately address these concerns. In addition, the Ohio AAP is partnering with the Ohio Department of Health, parent advocate groups, community and faith-based organizations, public health partners and others to increase immunization rates through the development of specific targeted outreach efforts. We would like to use those existing relationships/programs to develop tested materials to use with parental refusal or questions regarding vaccine safety, and then also use these relationships to disseminate the materials. This program would address focus area 14-22, 14-24 and 14-27, by addressing parental concerns as a large barrier to immunizing children.

We would target the entire pediatric population in Ohio, by educating their doctors on how to adequately respond to parental concerns or refusal of vaccines. In addition, by involving other organizations, advocacy groups and public health partners, we will also be reaching out to Ohio’s children through other avenues. The impact for this program, therefore, is far reaching to Ohio’s children.

For this program, we would use this existing relationship to gather information about parental concerns, responses from physicians, current media that is either supportive or negative in regards to vaccination, and then develop materials to best address these concerns, and build on current strengths and successes.  Through this group, we will then test these materials on various stakeholders, including parents, to attempt to discover the best way to approach this problem.  For example, there are some very aggressive campaigns to educate families around the importance of vaccinations and the large risks, including death, they are taking in not vaccinating their children.

For more information, please e-mail Melanie Farkas or call 614-846-6258.