Oral Health Plan to Educate and Improve State Oral Health Released

The Ohio AAP is proud to partner and be a committee member of Oral Health Ohio, a coalition of statewide partners who educate and advocate to improve the state’s oral and overall health. To learn more about the recently released 2023-2027 State Oral Health Plan and committee see below!

Oral Health Ohio contracted with the Health Policy Institute of Ohio to facilitate and create the 2023-2027 State Plan, which is designed to guide actions taken by policymakers, advocates, educators, providers, and funders. The vision of the state plan is that all Ohioans will have optimal oral health during every stage of their life.

The plan highlights a number of obstacles to good oral health, including community conditions such as poverty, food security, toxic stress and discrimination, as well as health behaviors and access to care and affordability.

The plan was developed with input from approximately 200 Ohioans from across the state through healthcare provider focus groups (52 participants from a variety of dental and medical specialties and locations across the state), consumer focus groups (114 community members who met in Columbus, Athens, Cleveland, Toledo and Cincinnati) and a multi-sector advisory committee.

 View the full plan here!

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