Two Proven Programs to Improve Patient Outcomes Launching this Fall!


Parenting at Mealtime and Playtime

The Parenting at Mealtime and Playtime is gearing up for another great year of our popular quality improvement program. Join our personalized, in-depth training to enhance your ability to provide age and developmentally appropriate preventive care and anticipatory guidance in nutrition and physical activity. You will be able to implement changes in your practice that will enhance the way you counsel on sensitive weight topics and motivational interviewing and in the first five years of life. If you have any questions about the program or are interested in participating, please contact Renee Dickman at

Ohio AAP is planning Wave 3 of an exciting quality improvement initiative to address infant mortality.  Since January of 2018, we have been supporting pediatric providers in implementing the Smoke Free Families program in their primary care practices.

Smoke Free Families

We are wrapping up Wave 2 (Wave 1 and Wave 20 – 27 practices, 100 providers) of the Smoke Free Families program and we can report impressive outcomes for children:

  • 90% of providers were screening for in-home smoke exposure 3 months into the collaborative
  • 70% of providers are counseling and providing resources – including referrals to Ohio Quit Line
  • 50% of smoking caregivers are reporting a reduction in smoke exposure at follow-up visits

Providers have found the screening and data collection tool easy to use – especially because there is no data entry for providers.  The data sheet is a scantron so it is simply faxed or scanned and uploaded and Ohio AAP will do the rest.  In addition to the light lift, we have heard from providers that they especially like the resources we provide for them to give to families.  Many felt that before joining the program, they did not have adequate information to offer once they found out a parent/family member was smoking in the home.

We are gearing up for Wave 3, expected to launch in Fall 2019, be sure to enroll your practice ASAP. For questions or to enroll, Kristen Fluitt, Program Manager, or 614-846-6258.


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