Pediatric Flu Cases are on the Rise, 2 Possible Coronavirus Suspected in Ohio

In the most recent report from the CDC, pediatric flu deaths have risen to 54. Here in Ohio, 2 local school districts have been closed due to influenza. Additionally, while the threat is small, we are also dealing with the coronavirus, with more than 6,000 cases mostly in China and 132 deaths. There are several confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, and as of January 28, there are 2 possible cases of coronavirus on the Miami University Campus in southwest Ohio. While there is currently no immunization against coronavirus, we know that the influenza vaccine is available, but uptake among the public remains small.

Pediatricians in Ohio are of course concerned with keeping children and families safe and healthy, therefore it is important to stay abreast of the latest information on health concerns across the globe. The Ohio AAP supports pediatricians by providing many programs that follow evidence based practice to improve patient outcomes. One such program is the Maximizing Office Based Immunizations (MOBI) and Teen Immunization Education Session (TIES). MOBI and TIES are FREE 1 hour in office education sessions that provide the most up-to-date immunization information for your practice. These sessions are scheduled at your convenience and also offer 1 hour of Continuing Medical Education (CME).

Ohio’s immunization rates are dismal! Currently Ohio ranks 43rd for childhood and teen immunizations. As you know, vaccination has been one of the most successful public health initiatives. Updates to the CDC Immunization Schedule happen frequently, therefore it is important to stay up to date on the most current recommendations. MOBI and TIES provides this information along with education on combating vaccine hesitancy, reminder/recall strategies, and FREE resources that include a copy of the CDC’s “Pink Book”.

We would love to bring this program directly to your office! All staff may participate and many can collect the CME including Nurses and MAs. Please contact Lory Sheeran Winland at for more information and to schedule.


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