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Adolescent Health: Nothing About Them Without Them at Ohio AAP Annual Meeting

Have you ever looked over your clinic schedule for the day and felt a little nervous seeing it was packed with adolescent patients? Have you ever wanted to sit down with some teens to help understand the “how” and “why” of growing up in today’s complicated world?

Well, the Ohio AAP has you covered! This year’s Annual Meeting is packed with opportunities to help hard-working pediatricians throughout the state enhance their pediatric and adolescent health knowledge and to feel more confident and capable in addressing the health care needs of their patients and families.

This year, the annual meeting will include a hot topics session on new developments in adolescent and pediatric care, which will cover topics ranging from vaping to self-harm/depression, to eating disorders, to sexually transmitted infections, to social media use by kids and teens.

In addition, we will be “rebooting” one of our most popular sessions from last year as “Nothing About Them Without Them 2.0” – a panel of adolescent experts (aka teens and young adults themselves!) talking about growing up as a teen in today’s world, what matters to them and how we can help them in making a healthy transition from childhood to adulthood.

Lead panelist, Ethan Lindenberger, is looking forward to sharing his journey of being thrust into the national spotlight advocating for his vaccine health earlier this year. For many of the physicians attending last year’s panel session, it was an eye-opening experience that left them not just better informed, but better prepared to help address the health needs of their patients during this unique time of rapid development. They were able to hear directly from teens and ask questions themselves to help inform their own care, allowing them to bring those ideas back to their clinics and daily practice of medicine.

Adolescent suicide has increased nearly 60 percent over the past decade, and every 3 hours a teenager in the US takes his or her life with a gun. In response to these unacceptable tragedies, the Ohio AAP is working to reverse the trend of irreversible actions. On Saturday, September 28, the Store It Safe Adolescent Suicide Prevention Program will feature a session to provide education and tools to empower providers to screen for suicide risks and discuss resources with families. The session will feature personal stories, including from partner Franklin County LOSS, and Drs. Michael Gittelman and Sarah Denny to discuss the Store It Safe program opportunities for Ohio pediatricians.

Whether you care for infants, young adults or any age in between, this year’s Ohio AAP annual meeting has something for everyone. In the age of “more” and “faster” medical care, you need opportunities like this to hear directly from the patients you care for and learn how to speak up for those without a voice!

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