Put A Lid on It! Bike Helmet Safety Awareness Program Update from Ohio AAP Foundation Chair Dr. Norman Christopher

Thank you to our members who have already so generously donated towards Put A Lid on It! Bike Helmet Safety Awareness. Through your support we have already raised $540.00, bringing us that much closer to our goal of reaching 3,000 more children this year!

In an uncertain time, it is reassuring to have partners like the Ohio AAP who continue to work for the health and safety of Ohio healthcare professionals, families and children. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio AAP has worked to provide members with updates and resources. While the Ohio AAP will continue to provide these services and other support throughout the pandemic, we are also reaching out to our members to help us keep one of our longest running programs available for Ohio’s children.

May 2020 marks the 10th Anniversary of the Put a Lid on It! Bike Helmet Safety Awareness Program. While we may not be celebrating this exciting occasion quite as originally planned, the need for encouraging children to practice bike helmet safety is just as important as ever – perhaps more so now than ever before.

  • Outdoor activities and exercise are still recommended for children and families
  • Bike riding is an activity that naturally creates social distance
  • Wearing a helmet not only reduces the risk of death from bicycle accidents, it can prevent trips to hospitals and ERs – reducing risks for exposure to COVID-19 and unnecessary burdens on the health care system
  • Our goal of distributing 10,000 helmets this year will help to ensure Ohio’s children can safely participate in bike riding in the months to come
  • But to reach this goal we need YOUR help!

We are asking every Ohio AAP member to help us reach 10,000 helmets this year, and help kids cope with the current COVID-19 pandemic, through a donation to the Ohio AAP Foundation. Every $5 donated provides a helmet – and if each of our members donates just 1 helmet, we can reach almost 3,000 more kids in 2020! Visit the link below to be a part of the 10th Anniversary and make this the most successful Put a Lid on It! campaign yet.

Click Here to Donate Now or visit http://ohioaap.org/10yeardonations/

 If you have questions on Bike Helmet Safety, please contact Olivia Simon at osimon@ohioaap.org or visit: www.ohioaap.org/putalidonit

Thank you for your work for Ohio’s children during this time, and we look forward to continuing with you into the future!

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