COVID-19 Update: ABP MOC Requirements & Ohio AAP QI Programs

In a message to all ABP diplomates and portfolio sponsors last week, the Board stressed a focus on patient and physician wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, they have committed that “no pediatrician will lose their ABP certification because of the extraordinary patient care pressures associated with this pandemic.” While additional details are not yet known regarding what measures will be put into place by the ABP, as a portfolio sponsor for MOC Part IV activities the Ohio AAP is committed to monitoring and sharing updates whenever available. We will be engaged in the ABP’s Portfolio Sponsor Virtual Meeting in mid-June, and will report all news and innovations to our members.

The Ohio AAP also recognizes the continued need and desire for pediatricians to improve care and meet MOC requirements during this time. We are enrolling for upcoming activities to allow physicians to earn up to 50 points of MOC Part IV. These programs include:

  • Atopic Dermatitis Quality Improvement Program – The Ohio AAP’s newest quality improvement and regional education program will focus on improving the recognition, diagnosis, and management of atopic dermatitis (AD) in primary care settings. The multi-disciplinary expert project leadership team will give providers the necessary tools to manage all aspects of AD, beginning with a webinar training in June 2020 (date TBD). Following the kick-off, practices from Ohio and surrounding states will be invited to engage in a one-year practice transformation program offering virtual coaching and guidance from the project team. Participants in the QI program will earn 50 MOC IV and 20 MOC II points!
  • Parenting at Mealtime and Playtime Quality Improvement Program-As a Pediatrician, you have the unique opportunity to foster healthy habits that can last through the child’s lifespan. The Parenting at Mealtime and Playtime Program can give you the tools and confidence to do this at each wellness visit. We will work to enhance your ability to communicate healthy behavior changes at wellness visits for children from birth through age five. We will help you identify opportunities for changes into your practice and provide you with a vast array of resources to share with families. 25 MOC IV points will be awarded to each provider in your practice that participates. The project will start up in September 2020 and is a 6-month project.
  • Lead Prevention Quality Improvement Program-The Ohio AAP is bringing a quality improvement program to improve lead screening and management of lead poisoning to a location near you! The goal of the training and QI program is to educate about the gap in current lead testing and improve testing rates. Participants will receive 25 MOC IV points. The project will kick off in July 2020. It is a 6-month project.
  • LARC Quality Improvement Program– The LARC QI program is a whole-clinic approach to support primary care clinics’ needs around enhancing adolescent-friendly service and comprehensive contraception counseling. The project will aim to educate and train providers and clinic staff about adolescent-friendly services, adolescent development, reproductive and menstrual health treatment and specific LARC procedural training for Nexplanon implants. This is a 9-month QI program and will award 25 MOC IV points.
  • Well Care and Immunization/Population Health Quality Improvement Program– Ohio AAP and the Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCO) of Ohio have partnered to develop a quality improvement project that will serve to deliver improved health outcomes and mitigate barriers for children around well care and immunization rates. The project will use data to identify gap counties and work together to determine the practices with a high population of Medicaid patients for this program. Ohio AAP will train several practices across Ohio on how to improve and operationalize HEDIS measures, provide billing for preventative care to reflect improvement in population health, and increase well-visits through reminder/recall and intentional outreach as a foundation to the work. Participants will receive 50 MOC Part IV points!

Ohio AAP has also created and compiled a list of COVID-19 resources on Telehealth, coding, clinical management and more. Please refer to our site here to learn more.

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