Ohio Medicaid Performance Survey

The Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) conducts an annual survey of primary care providers (PCPs) to gauge managed care plan (MCP) performance, for example, the availability of patient information to practices and problem resolution. The goal of the survey is to improve MCP performance including providers’ experiences with MCPs. In 2022, IPRO is working with ODM to revise the provider satisfaction survey, concurrent with MCP contract changes supporting the state’s NextGen agenda.

To help us redesign the survey to include issues relevant to PCPs, IPRO would like to hear directly from physicians (or their practice managers). We will be holding a virtual focus group in February and invite you to participate.

The focus group will provide an opportunity for you and other providers to think collectively about what affects satisfaction with MCPs, as well as your perspectives on the best way to encourage PCP participation in completing the survey. If you provide care to Medicaid patients or have a particular interest in Medicaid managed care, please consider participating in our focus groups and helping us improve the methods and the outcome of the provider satisfaction survey.

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact Jennifer Edwards or Rosalie Winslow from IPRO directly.

Jennifer N. Edwards, DrPH – JEdwards@ipro.org
Associate Vice President, Managed Care
Director, Center for Program Evaluation
516-209-5634 (o) http://ipro.org

Rosalie Winslow, PhD – RWinslow@ipro.org
Health Services Researcher, Managed Care
Center for Program Evaluation
516-209-5352   https://ipro.org

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