Observe National Suicide Prevention Month with Store It Safe Program

September Is National Suicide Awareness Month

September was recently recognized as National Suicide Awareness Month in Ohio by Governor Mike DeWine. In the midst of a growing mental health crisis, the Ohio AAP Store It Safe (SIS) program is working to protect Ohio’s youth. The SIS program is the only program that takes a comprehensive approach to intentional and unintentional firearm injuries by training healthcare providers to screen for depression and suicide, discuss lethal means, distribute safe storage devices, and provide resources for families. Our tools and resources are ready to deploy – and, through our broad networks, we can reach youth across the state, from rural to urban regions. We hope you will use the below Store It Safe resources to help prevent suicide and keep Ohio’s youth safe.

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85% of suicide attempts with a firearm are fatal. Many attempts happen during a short-term crisis which is why reducing access to lethal means can be effective in prevention. Visit https://ohioaap.org/storeitsafe for resources for the whole family. #StoreItSafe

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among Ohio teens and preteens ages 10-14 and the 3rd leading cause among Ohioans 15-19. Join the Ohio AAP’s #StoreItSafe teen suicide prevention program in reversing the trend of irreversible actions! https://ohioaap.org/storeitsafe

Visit ohioaap.org for Resources and Education

For more SIS resources and education on suicide prevention and lethal means counseling visit, https://ohioaap.org/storeitsafe.

  • provider education flyers and resources
  • parent and teen education flyers and rack cards
  • education modules
  • safe storage information for firearm owners

Apply for Store It Safe Lock Boxes

The Ohio AAP would like to get more SIS lockboxes and resources into communities across Ohio.  Please complete the brief application at the this link to apply for firearm safety lock boxes:


Store It Safe – Youth Suicide Prevention Learning Collaborative

Ohio AAP, in partnership with The Ohio Department of Health will be launching Wave 2 of the Store It Safe – Youth Suicide Prevention Learning Collaborative in November 2023.  The project will offer providers across Ohio education and resources to help primary care practices address the mental health needs of their patients and prevent youth suicide.  Practice benefits include:

  • 25 points of MOC IV credit
  • Resources for providers to give to patients and families including safety lock boxes
  • Data incentive payment for practices
  • 3 1-hour lunch and learn educational sessions

Contact Kristen Fluitt at kfluitt@ohioaap.org for additional information or to enroll.

SIS Impact Education Program

In partnership with CareSource, Ohio AAP SIS launched an Impact Education Program in late summer to help providers improve their lethal means counseling skills during youth preventative visits and assess the likelihood of behavior change for patients and families after receiving lethal means counseling and SIS messaging and resources.  Additionally, the program partnered with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to provide a virtual reality training platform. Eighteen providers across Ohio are participating in the project.

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