Now Enrolling! NEW WAVE of the Atopic Dermatitis (AD) QI Coming this Fall!

Fun Fact: The skin is the human body’s largest organ and one of the most important ones! However, with great importance comes great potential for problems and skin disorders, especially for young patients. Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, can happen to anyone, but it is most common in babies, children and young adults. Eczema often runs in families with a history of AD or other allergic conditions, such as hay fever and asthma. It is not contagious. Certain genetic mutations that affect the skin barrier cells and skin immune cells are passed from generation to generation. These mutations also tend to occur more often in some ethnic groups compared to others, which may help explain differences in the frequency and severity of AD between whites, African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and others. In addition, people who live in an urban setting or are exposed to certain environmental allergens (i.e., dust, mold) are at greater risk of developing AD.

Contact Brooke at about enrolling in the new wave of the AD QI Program.


In addition to recruiting for the NEW WAVE of the Atopic Dermatitis (AD) Quality Improvement (QI) Program, we are looking for any questions you have about AD. Ohio AAP and the AD Program Team will be producing 2 podcasts about current issues around AD and health equity. What current trends have you been seeing in your office? Have your patients been presenting with AD more frequently?

 Please send all of your questions about AD to Brooke Powell @

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  1. Tarhib IT Limited
    Tarhib IT Limited says:

    Your announcement about enrolling in the new wave of the Atopic Dermatitis Quality Improvement (QI) initiative is exciting news for healthcare professionals and patients alike. By emphasizing the opportunity to participate in a collaborative effort to improve care for individuals with atopic dermatitis, you’re encouraging engagement and teamwork within the medical community. Your clear communication about the enrollment process and the upcoming initiative ensures transparency and accessibility for potential participants. Kudos on advancing quality improvement efforts in dermatology!


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