Ohio Pediatrics

Ohio Pediatrics is the Ohio AAP’s premiere publication. Delivered on a quarterly basis to all Ohio AAP members and corporate/individual donors, Ohio Pediatrics is dedicated to providing newsworthy information relating to current issues in pediatrics, activities and programs put on by the Ohio AAP, and a look into the advocacy work done by the Chapter.

  • To view the most current issue of Ohio Pediatrics, or any previous issues, click here.
  • To view the Health Plan Assistance Guide that was included in the Spring 2013 Issue of Ohio Pediatrics, click here.

Ohio Pediatrics is led by an editorial board that represents the voices of the Ohio AAP members.

  • Sherman Alter, MD, FAAP – Blue Ash
  • Jaclyn Bjelac, MD – Cleveland 
  • Jennifer Burkam, MD, FAAP – Canton
  • Jennifer Hardie, MD, FAAP – Lebanon
  • Emia Oppenheim, PhD, RD, LD – Columbus
  • Thomas Phelps, MD, FAAP – Novelty
  • Roopa Thakur, MD, FAAP – Beachwood
  • Greg Walker, MD, FAAP – Cincinnati
  • Kathleen Matic, MD – Dayton
  • Mary Ayers, MD – Cleveland

The editorial board welcomes and encourages readers to submit articles of their own and suggest topics for future features in the newsletter. All article submissions will be reviewed by the editorial board before acceptance.

If you are looking to suggest an article topic, advertise or submit your own article for publication, please keep the following deadlines in mind:

  • Winter Edition: Art Deadline – December 1; Article Deadline – December 15
  • Spring Edition: Art Deadline – March 1; Article Deadline – March 15
  • Summer Edition: Art Deadline – June 1; Article Deadline – June 15
  • Fall Edition: Art Deadline – September 1; Article Deadline – September 15

Please contact Elizabeth Dawson with any questions, requests or ideas relating to Ohio Pediatrics.