Bike Helmet For Christmas

Buying Your Little One a Bike for the Holidays? Ohio AAP Reminds Parents – and Santa Claus – to Include Bike Helmets with Gifts

Columbus, OHIO – With the holidays quickly approaching, The Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP) wants to remind parents – and Santa Claus – to ensure that they promote safe riding when giving a bicycle as a gift this year. The Ohio AAP urges gift-givers to take advantage of their child’s excitement of receiving a new bike by including a bike helmet.

“Not only is it important to promote safe riding, but this is a great opportunity to make wearing a bike helmet cool,” said Melissa Wervey Arnold, Executive Director for the Ohio AAP. “Bike helmets come in a variety of sizes, colors, designs and graphics – so there is a helmet to please every child.”

The Ohio AAP is also reminding parents that helmets aren’t simply for bike-riding. It’s particularly important that children receive helmets for Christmas so that they can be worn during cold weather activities as well; such as sledding, snowboarding or skiing.

Universal use of bicycle helmets by children ages 4 to 15 could prevent between 135 and 155 deaths, between 39,000 and 45,000 head injuries and between 18,000 and 55,000 scalp and face injuries annually. In 2010, the number of people injured by not wearing a bike helmet was 51,000, enough people to fill Nationwide Arena in Columbus 2½ times. Apart from the automobile, bicycles are tied to more childhood injuries than any other consumer product including trampolines, ladders and swimming pools.

Save the date for Bike Helmet Safety Awareness Week May 2 – 10, 2015 and for more information on bike helmet safety and to follow the Put a Lid on It! Bike Helmet Safety Awareness Campaign, visit the campaign’s Facebook page at