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Please use these messages to share information with the families you work with. Sharing these social media messages is a way to find other partners in early childhood.

Theme: Good Rest is Best

  • #DYK Sleep is important for a child’s growth, development, academic performance, behavior, mood, and a healthy body weight?
  • Parents, you can follow these tips to help your child have a more restful, safe sleep:
    • Follow the ABCs of safe sleep: Alone on their Back in a safety-approved Crib.
    • Set sleep routines.
    • Eliminate noise and distractions, like screens, from rooms where kids sleep.
  • A consistent routine can help a child fall asleep more easily. Consider reading a set number of books as part of your child’s nightly routine. #GoodRestIsBest
  • What does a safe sleep environment for a baby look like? Follow the ABCs of safe sleep. Visit for information about infant safe sleep.
  • Is your child getting enough sleep for their age? Visit this link 👉 for daily sleep recommendations by age group.
  • Quality sleep is important for children’s development. Look for these signs of sleep deficit in your children:
    • Sadness
    • Lack of concentration or forgetfulness
    •  Headaches
    • Trouble waking in the morning
    • Irritability or trouble managing emotions
  • Naps are an easy way to help your kids get sleep in for their developing brain!
    • By 4 months most children take three to four naps per day.
    • By 8 months most children take two naps.
    • By 21 months most children take one nap.
    • By age 6 most children no longer nap.
  • Creating a bedtime routine for your kids could be the best thing for them to catch quality zzz’s. The Brush, Book, Bed program by the American Academy of Pediatrics is a great place to start. Check out their resources. ➡
  • Do you know the ABC’s of safe sleep?
    • Alone
    • On their back
    • In a crib
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