NEW Resources for Parents & Caregivers to Address Infant Formula Shortages

The covid pandemic had a serious impact on the supply chain of baby formula, creating shortages and price increases over the past few years. This in combination with recent recalls, created a serious concern for families who depend on formula to feed and provide nutrient to their child. Please share and use these tips and guidance with families or those in need.

From Your Ohio AAP Co-Chapter Breastfeeding Coordinators

Infant Feeding During Disasters

Infant feeding is a vulnerable life stage. We know all families share this in common, and all Ohio AAP pediatricians stand in support of our parents, babies and families living with the difficult task of navigating the current formula shortages. As part of feeding counseling, it is important that healthcare professionals are knowledgeable about all feeding options, including those related to human milk which families may now be addressing more frequently in an infant’s feeding journey. Here we highlight some resources to consider providing families as we all work together to meet the primary priority of healthy feeding for all babies.

Thank you all for all you do every day to keep families safe and thriving, in what has been a tumultuous time indeed. We are eager to help you in any way that we can.  Please reach out.

Your Ohio AAP Chapter Breastfeeding Co-Coordinators

Lydia Furman, MD, MPH, IBCLC, FAAP

Vanessa Shanks, MD, CLC, FAAP


Janet Wasylyshen-Velasco, MD, MPH, IBCLC, FAAP

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