New Infant Mortality Data Shows Problematic Areas; Healthy Mom, Healthy Family Wave 3 Can Help Practices Make a Difference

The Annual Infant Mortality Report was released recently by the Ohio Department of Health with data through 2020. Some of the report findings include:

  • Prematurity remains the leading cause of death among all infants
  • Black infants died from prematurity-related causes at 3 times the rate of white infants
  • White infants were more likely to die of congenital anomalies than prematurity-related causes
  • 30% of infants who died were born before 24 weeks gestation despite only accounting for 0.2% of all live births
  • The full report can be accessed by clicking here

These results highlight the importance of ensuring families are prepared to care for their infants and have strong relationships with their pediatricians. The Healthy Mom, Healthy Families (HMHF) Learning Collaborative is one Ohio AAP project helping prevent infant mortality. HMHF addresses infant mortality and health disparities by screening mothers for behaviors that impact current children or future pregnancies during infant visits.

Participants can receive the following benefits through the Healthy Mom, Healthy Family program:

  • 50 Points ABP MOC Part IV Credit
  • $1,000 cash incentive
  • Multivitamins and books to share for FREE with patients
  • Support and coaching from the Ohio AAP Team

HMHF is enrolling practices for a 3rd Wave launching in January 2023; to learn more or enroll today, contact Hayley Southworth at or visit:

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