NEW CareSource Trainings to Improve Children’s Health

Join the Ohio AAP and CareSource for a 6-part virtual training series to improve the health of Ohio’s children and families by bringing sustainable, essential education and resources in accessible formats! Please see flyer below for more information.

  • CME credit available for all trainings
  • FREE online and/or printed resources available for each topic
  • Education to empower participants to utilize best practices and lessons learned in providing distance and virtual services during COVID and beyond!
  1. Develop confidence to refer families to healthcare provider for lead testing of high risk children in Medicaid populations or living in high risk zip codes
  2. Increase in individuals demonstrating a greater confidence in counseling families in high risk communities on health, food emergencies, active lifestyles and targeted areas of focus such as picky eating, breast feeding, play and hunger cues.
  3. Increase confidence in addressing child, adolescent and COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy during encounters; with a focus being on high risk, diverse and underserved counties.

Contact Alex Miller at for questions. 

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