Get Involved with Ohio AAP


The Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics is here to be your organization for professional growth, education and networking. Becoming involved in the Chapter’s activities that you feel passionate about allows you to make the most of your membership, while improving the lives of Ohio’s children.

The Ohio AAP is organized into five key pillars that represent the scope of our work and promote member engagement. They are Advocacy, Child Health, Foundation, Operations, and Practice of Pediatrics. The Chapter offers MOC Part II, MOC Part IV, and CME credits through several nationally recognized programs on a range of topics — including smoking cessation, obesity prevention, injury prevention, and immunizations — but we are always looking for more! Every year, the Ohio Chapter also hosts a Spring Education Meeting and an Annual Meeting, as these are important opportunities for members to earn valuable CME and MOC Part II credits while sharing their opinions, ideas, and expertise.

What are Pillars and how can I help?

  • Advocacy – This Pillar coordinates the Chapter’s state legislative efforts and overall messaging. Pillar members also aim to be the “experts at the table” for children’s issues in the state of Ohio. The pillar leaders spend time at the Ohio Statehouse, meeting with representatives and other children’s and physician organizations, to advocate for our members and the children of Ohio. We welcome your involvement in this pillar and our advocacy activities.
    • Join Peds on Call to testify at the Statehouse and engage with legislators through phone calls, meetings and emails
    • Promote the Parents Advocating for Vaccines (PA4V) program to increase our grassroots efforts on promoting immunizations
  • Child Health – The Child Health Pillar represents all areas of care of children but with the priority to have an overall shift in approach from treatment-focus to a focus on child wellness. It manages the Chapter’s educational efforts, including the Spring Education Meeting, Annual Meeting and the Pediatric Education Center.
    • Education and conference support in the form of sponsorship, attendance, and promotion of events in your professional and social networks
    • Help develop digital resources including printable educational materials for parents and education courses for physicians
  • Foundation – The Foundation Pillar serves as the community focused arm of the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics. This pillar supports the Chapter’s efforts by creating funding and programmatic partnerships with community, corporate, state and federal organizations for the purpose of securing support for programs that improve the lives of Ohio’s children and families.
    • Fundraiser support in the form of sponsorship, attendance, and promotion of events in your professional and social networks
    • Promoting and crediting Chapter efforts through sharing social media, making joint statements, and promoting these to networks or patients
  • Operations – The Ohio AAP’s Operations Pillar provides fiscal and programmatic oversight for the organization’s programs. This pillar includes the Planning, Implementation and Performance (PIP) Committee, which evaluates the Chapter’s existing and potential programs, including Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part IV Quality Improvement projects.
    • Assist in promotion of Ohio AAP quality improvement programs and aid in identifying possible practices for participation
    • Identify opportunities for program collaborations along with evaluating and communicating outcomes
  • Practice of Pediatrics – This pillar helps those involved in pediatric care navigate the business and operations side of practice. Ohio AAP does this by targeting and engaging specific populations of physicians (including primary care physicians, hospitalists, sub-specialists, young physicians and private practitioners), promoting the value of membership in the Chapter and helping pediatricians maintain financially viable practices.
    • Join our practice administrator listserv, a free resource to communicate issues, ideas and advice to colleagues across Ohio
    • Support membership recruitment efforts by sharing why you are an Ohio AAP member and the impact we have on pediatricians

We want you to get involved! Fill out the form below to check out options for getting involved with varied time commitments. One of our staff will be in contact with you. You can also contact Elizabeth Dawson at (614) 846-6258 and discuss options and ideas.

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