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Melissa Wervey Arnold, CEO

Jill Fitch, MD, FAAP, Chapter President

Olivia Simon, Membership Coordinator

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  • If you are looking to become a Chapter member, this page will take you through all of the required steps.

Membership Benefits

  • Looking for reasons to become an Ohio AAP member? Already a member and want to remember all of the benefits? This page will provide you with a brief overview of the Chapter’s many membership benefits.

National vs. State

  • For information about the differences between being a National AAP member versus being an Ohio AAP member, visit this page. 

CATCH Grants

  • This page contains details about National AAP’s CATCH Program, as well as contact information for Ohio’s CATCH Coordinators.

Get Involved

  • This page contains details on how Ohio AAP Members can get involved in the Chapter, especially within the core pillar areas.