Meet Unite for Safe Social Media, headquartered in Columbus!

Unite for Safe Social Media,, is a source of information designed to assist parents, kids and practitioners with building healthy social media use.  Unite adds to the counsel pediatricians offer by providing a wealth of data and research insights into the nuanced impacts of social media on youth. The platform equips you with up-to-date evidence on the various risks associated with social media use from leading research institutions (including AAP). By helping the families you serve understand these complex dynamics, pediatricians can offer tailored advice and share Unite ‘s strategies with them, aiming to mitigate negative outcomes associated with social media use​​.

Unite for Safe Social Media’s emphasis on the brain development of young individuals and the recommendations for managing screen time offer you and your patients’ families concrete, actionable guidance. Such information enables a more informed discussion about the appropriate age for smartphone use, parental filters and safety settings and the potential psychological effects of exposure to social media. It will position pediatricians as crucial allies for families navigating the challenges of the digital age​​.

As Unite for Safe Social Media provides you with critical data, we encourage you to pass along the site, –full of actionable insights and recommendations that can be shared with families.

We have Fact Sheets, Parent Handbooks, Spanish surveys and more that we would love to share with your office!  Just email us at: Thank you for extending your care beyond the clinic and into the digital realms that significantly influence young lives today.

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