Lead Prevention Quality Improvement Project

The Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics is kicking off a new quality improvement project in July. It is a 6-month project that is being piloted. The goal is to educate about the gap in current lead testing and to improve testing rates. The project will include QI training, practice coaching, assistance with data collection, and collaborative learning. You will have access to free resources that include a physician resource guide, a family rack card, and an interactive website!
Participants will be able to:
• Describe current trends in lead poisoning epidemiology and adherence to medical management guidelines
• Integrate counseling on lead poisoning prevention into anticipatory guidance
• Identify opportunities to increase lead screening and testing rates and referral to appropriate resources
Lead Sustainability Plan
QI participants: Please complete this post-project survey

Lead Prevention Pilot Post-Survey


Please rate your current confidence in your knowledge and skills in the following areas (Scale of: 1 -not at all confident; 2 - somewhat confident; 3 - confident; 4 - very confident; 0 - N/A)
What is your current level of confidence in discussing lead testing with families?
What is your confidence in providing lead anticipatory guidance?


Please rate the degree to which your practice now does the following items (Scale of 1 - Never, 2 - Rarely, 3 - Sometimes, 4 - Most of the Time, 5 - Always, 0 - N/A):
Do you feel the changes made as a result of the Childhood Lead Prevention project improved efficiency related to lead testing guidelines and increase in completed lead testing (knowledge of guidelines, smoother testing process, etc)? (Select one)
Do you plan to sustain any changes in practice made as a result of the Childhood Lead Prevention project following the end of the Learning Collaborative? (Select one)
What changes will be sustained (select all that apply):
How often do you expect to use the changes made in the practice (select all that apply):
Why does your practice plan to stop any changes made during the SFF project (select all that apply):
What was the most helpful part of this project for improving your practice?
How helpful were the monthly action period calls in implementing the Lead project?
Which components of the monthly action period calls were most helpful?
Would you recommend the Lead Project to other practice sites or colleagues?
Would your practice be interested in participating in the sustainability project?