Join Us Next Week! Navigating Mental Health Challenges in the Digital Age Webinar

After being called to the Senate in January, many social media apps like TikTok and Instagram are cracking down on their policies that do not permit children under 13 years old to be on their apps. Despite concerns of exploitation, inappropriate content, and online safety, many parents allow their children to be on various social media apps, spending multiple hours per day on an unsupervised screen. Though social media can have many benefits like building community and giving space for self-expression, it is critical to counsel our patients and families on healthy social media and screen time boundaries and to maintain a watchful eye on their accounts and friends within the app. Join Dr. Sarah Adams and Dr. Christelle Tan as they review Ohio statistics on cyberbullying, discuss appropriate restrictions with social media, and explore case-based studies to help you navigate these conversations with your patients and their families.

From Bullying to Breakthrough: Navigating Mental Health Challenges in the Digital Age
March 20, 2024

CME and MOC Part II credit will be offered. Reach out with questions or concerns to Suhavi, program manager, at

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