Join Us! New Trainings to Tackle Challenging Topics on Child Obesity and Weight

With over 20 years of childhood obesity prevention and intervention, Ohio AAP is excited to launch the 11th wave of Parenting at Mealtime and Playtime (PMP)! This year, the PMP program will tackle topics such as breastfeeding, creative ways to bolster nutrition, and how to navigate weight related conversations with your patients and families. Mindful of the amount of medical misinformation our preteens and teens are hearing, the PMP program strives to increase accessibility of evidence-based information through our handouts and mobile app.

The Parenting at Mealtime and Playtime program has two upcoming trainings, designed to keep you and your office well-informed on emerging nutrition topics.

December 13, 2023, from 12pm – 1pm, on Zoom: Dr. Chris Bolling will explore the environmental and social factors that affect the development of obesity and participants will use case studies to learn how to better support families to identify and implement practical strategies to improve nutrition.

January 31, 2024, from 12pm – 1 pm, on Zoom: Dr. Marnie Walston will discuss her experiences with communicating with families and patients who are dealing with weight related concerns. Participants will be coached on how to discuss weight through various approaches, like asking permission to discuss a child’s weight or weight gain and using non-stigmatizing, patient preferred language to discuss weight and BMI.

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