Join us at Spring Education Meeting in May for FREE! Free books, oral health tools, sleep sacks and other resources for your patients!

In this ever-evolving world of technology, medicine and increased consumer expectations, practice disrupters such as Amazon Cares, Walmart Health and minute clinics (to name a few) will be flooding the market with concierge, remote health “conveniences”. Additionally, large hospital systems are acquiring practices in an effort to bring resources to underserved communities. The future of primary care extends far beyond the physician’s office to pharmacies, retail clinics, large hospital systems and virtual care companies. A relentless focus on anticipating and delivering on the primary care needs and preferences is the only way for organizations to remain relevant amidst an abundance of new, innovative players.

Join us May 6th at Ohio University Inn and Conference Center in Athens, Ohio for our 2022 Spring Education Meeting, The Future of Pediatrics – Disrupters in Primary Care, How to Compete and Succeed While Protecting the Medical HomeWe know that we will not be able to stop services such as Amazon Cares, however, we can open a dialogue with large systems, and educate and prepare our members to be competitive to create a new vision for care! Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of this “new world” to help shape new resources and endeavors as we build upon this work.

In the afternoon, we hold a session on lesson maximizing billable services from Ohio AAP programs, along with adolescent behavioral health: anxiety & depression during an ever-changing time for teens, including local resources and referral.

You will receive resources for your patients and clients, books, oral health supplies, sleep sacks, suicide prevention materials and more!

Are you unable to stay for the entire day? Select the session(s) that best meet your needs!

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