Injury Prevention Plus SEEK

The Ohio AAP’s Injury Plus SEEK Program teaches physicians how to implement a hybrid of the Ohio AAP’s Injury Prevention Screening Tool and the nationally recognized SEEK Tool, allowing physicians to more efficiently and effectively screen for child abuse and mental health risks, as well as the most common injury risks for children birth to five years of age.

The Injury Plus Seek Wave 3 is planning for a January 2021 launch and provides many benefits to participating practices:

  • Training, tools and talking points to assess and help address risky behaviors and psychosocial problems
  • Maintenance of Certification Part IV and CME
  • Family safety resources for distribution to patients
  • Community resources for family referrals

Now Accepting Wave 3 Registrations

Opportunities for Involvement:

Questions? Contact Hayley Southworth via email or at (614) 846-6258.






The Injury Plus Seek program is funded by the Ohio Department of Health.