HB 559 Advocacy

Dear Members of Parents Advocating for Vaccines,

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  The Ohio AAP Advocacy team has been working overdrive on immunization legislation at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. We had a number of pediatricians, advocates and parent partners in full force at the Statehouse on Wednesday, May 16 to testify as proponents for HB 559, which, if enacted, will strengthen Ohio’s immunization laws to strike a better balance between parental rights and the overall health and well-being of Ohio’s children. This bill is a standardizing of the opt-out process around school mandates for vaccines, and a strengthening of reporting. By establishing a standardized form and requiring a conversation with a healthcare provider before a family can opt out of vaccines, we are requiring essential components to the current process to ensure that parents have all the appropriate medical and scientific information prior to making health care decisions such as immunizing their child.

We need to make it clear to members of the Ohio House Health committee that the view point of members of Parents Advocating for Immunizations  is the common opinion of most parents in Ohio, which is that by supporting HB 559 they are in good company: 82% of people believe in the benefits of vaccines and 88% believe the benefits of immunization outweigh the narrow risk of complications, according to a recent Pew survey.

Please take a moment to contact EACH member of the Health Committee listed below by using this letter as a template for your outreach.  It should take less than 10 minutes to personalize the letter, and send an email to all 19 Representatives.  Please remember if you customize the attached letter to remain courteous of both sides of this issue as we know it is important to simply advocate for our scientifically fact based viewpoint, not counteract the other side.

Role Name   District Affiliation Email
Chairman Huffman Stephen 80 Republican rep80@ohiohouse.gov
Vice Chair Gavarone Theresa 03 Republican rep03@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Antani Niraj 42 Republican rep42@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Butler Jim 41 Republican rep41@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Duffey Mike 21 Republican rep21@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Edwards Jay 94 Republican rep94@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Ginter Tim 05 Republican rep05@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Johnson Terry 90 Republican rep90@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Keller Candice 53 Republican rep53@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Kick Darrell 70 Republican rep70@ohiohouse.gov
Representative LaTourette Sarah 76 Republican rep76@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Merrin Derek 47 Republican rep47@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Romanchuk Mark 02 Republican rep02@ohiohouse.gov
Ranking Member Antonio Nickie 13 Democrat rep13@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Barnes John 12 Democrat rep12@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Kent Bernadine 25 Democrat rep25@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Lepore-Hagan Michele 58 Democrat rep58@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Sykes Emilia 34 Democrat rep34@ohiohouse.gov
Representative West Thomas 49 Democrat rep49@ohiohouse.gov