Governor DeWine’s State of the State Address and Newly Proposed Department of Children and Youth

Last Tuesday January 31st, Governor Mike DeWine delivered his State of the State address. Much of the focus on Governor DeWine’s address was on education, mental health, and the health and wellbeing of Ohio’s infants and children. This included the proposal of a New State Agency, the Ohio Department of Children & Youth. The new department would consolidate programs from six different state agencies and would:

  • Focus on physical & behavioral health, children in foster care and early childhood education
  • Provide efficient and effective delivery of services to Ohio’s more than 2.5 million children and their families
  • Reduce duplicative programs from across state government
  • Increase administrative efficiency

The Ohio AAP has long supported the concept of a Department for children and youth and are excited about this new possibility and potential benefits! For more details about the newly proposed department, view the attached PowerPoint.

To read more about Governor DeWine’s full address, visit

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  1. shawn
    shawn says:

    Hello: I was wondering if the CMH program will be rolled into this new Department. This is a program with a duplication of services, very administrative heavy, and no transparency on the amount spent on patients vs the amount billed by local health depts.
    This program is the payor of last resort which basically means they refuse to pay for most requests,( Letter #13) and then unbeknownst to the families bill for the time they spend doing administrative duties with no benefit to the patients. Please close this program. It is a waste of taxpayers’ money as well as the valuable time and energy of very stressed-out families with fragile children. Thank you.


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