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The Ohio AAP Pediatric Care Council brings together pediatricians, medical directors of Ohio’s managed care organizations and commercial insurance companies to collaborate in finding practical ways to promote children’s health, reduce administrative burdens, and fix gaps in payment and coverage. As we look ahead and set new goals and objectives for the upcoming quarter, we would love your feedback!  We are inviting you to complete the brief online survey below, which should take no more than five minutes.

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” – Thoreau

It’s important that we let payers know the challenges we have.  By working together, we can not only
address challenges but open new opportunities!

Take the survey here!

Chapter Response: The issues that are the most frequently mentioned, most serious, and/or most realistically changeable will be the basis of Pediatric Council and Chapter advocacy in the coming year.

Please contact Kristen Fluitt at for any questions.

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