Free Tools to Increase and Measure Vaccination of Children and Adolescents in Your Practice!

The Ohio AAP and your local health department are in the process of scheduling Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers (IQIP). IQIP promotes and supports implementation of provider-level strategies designed to help increase on-time vaccination of children and adolescents. IQIP serves to assist and support health care providers by identifying opportunities to improve vaccine uptake, determining options for improving immunization delivery practices, and ensuring providers are:

  • Aware of and knowledgeable about their vaccination coverage and missed opportunities to vaccinate.
  • Motivated to try new immunization service delivery strategies and incorporate changes into their current practices.
  • Capable of sustaining changes and improvements to their vaccination delivery services.
  • Able to use available data from the IIS and/or EHR to improve services and coverage.

IQIP is a 12-month process where public health representatives and providers collaborate to identify strategies to increase vaccine uptake by improving and enhancing vaccination workflow while measuring results.

Specific strategies include:

This quality improvement process is especially important now as we continue to get our immunization rates back to normal due to COVID-19 and measles outbreaks.

If you have not gone through the IQIP process and are interested in scheduling an IQIP, please contact your local health department or email Lory Sheeran Winland, MPA at

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