East Palestine Clinical Guidance for Patients with Possible Chemical Exposure

Thank you to all our members impacted by the recent chemical spill and your efforts to serve and protect Ohio’s children. We know the February 3rd train derailment and chemical spill in East Palestine has created concern and confusion for many. Air testing, municipal water testing, and private water wells tested thus far show that test results are within safe limits established by the US EPA. However, some providers may see patients with symptoms associated with exposure. The Ohio Department of Health in collaboration with the Ohio Emergency Management Agency, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), US EPA, and Columbiana County General Health District have put together clinical guidance for those in the area and surrounding counties. Providers who may see patients affected by the chemical spill and exposure, please refer to the link below for assistance with diagnostic assessment and treatment.

Provider Clinical Guidance

The Ohio AAP is here to support our members and the patients and families they serve. If there is anything we can do to further assist you at this time, please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.

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