Did you know juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) impacts nearly 300,000 children in the US? Earn MOC and learn how to address JIA with our journal club!

Did you know that juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) impacts nearly 300,000 children in the US – with trends suggesting that the prevalence of this disorder is increasing? Due to a shortage of specialists, the primary care provider plays an important role in the management of pediatric JIA. To help better understand this role, the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics has developed a 4-part educational webinar series. This series will help prepare providers in any setter to better identify and address patients with juvenile arthritis.

Additionally, Ohio AAP has created 4 handouts – two for primary care providers, one for patients/caregivers, and one for rheumatologists. Each handouts use consistent messaging on pJIA symptoms and co-management but are varied depending on the audience.

Please click here to access the recorded webinars and handouts.

Finally, if you still need MOC Part II credits, look no further! Please see the info below regarding our exciting new Journal Club offering.


Welcome to the Ohio AAP Journal Club – Worth 20 MOC Part II Credits!!

Since we know that your time is limited and your capacity is stretched, this web-based journal club is designed to provide selected articles focused on relevant child health topics that support ongoing professional development of pediatricians. This web-based educational program provides clinicians with opportunities to read and reflect on current journal articles that highlight research and clinical topics that can positively impact the delivery of care to patients.

Our latest on-demand, user-friendly educational opportunity provides more in-depth education on polyarticular JIA! This Journal Club includes 10 modules with topics ranging from Hypermobility to Infectious Arthritis, Depression & Anxiety, Transition to Adult Care, and much more! This web-based journal series provides a listing of selected articles and a post-test for each article. Participants are expected to read each article and complete the post-test successfully in order to receive 20 points of AMA PRA Category 1 creditTM and American Board of Pediatrics MOC Part II points.

Individuals interested in participating in this web-based journal series, please enroll (using the link below), take the Pre-Test Survey, and begin participating in selected article(s) on an individual basis. Participation in each article will be managed as individual learning activities and credit awarded per article. Once all 10 modules are completed, participants will take the final Post-Test Survey.

Access Journal Club (including registration) Here!

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Lory Sheeran Winland at lwinland@ohioaap.org. Thank you!

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