COVID-19 Audio Recording Topic Submissions

Ohio AAP is planning a “podcast” style Q&A recording to cover some of your most pressing questions on COVID-19 and how we can continue to care for our pediatric patients and their families.  And we want your input! What questions or topics would you like to hear more about related to pediatrics and the COVID-19 pandemic? Over the past few weeks we’ve covered telehealth and re-engaging patients in care but let us know if additional questions or concerns have arisen in those areas. Or perhaps a new area we have not already addressed has been troubling you?  Are there certain aspects of care that you are struggling with related to increasing your patient capacity again? Questions that you are frequently getting from families that you are struggling to answer? Challenges that you see on the horizon that we need to prepare for? Other questions or successful strategies that you have been using?  Please submit your questions or ideas in the survey below!

COVID-19 Podcast Topic Ideas