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The Summer 2022 issue of Ohio Pediatrics is now out! Ohio Pediatrics is the Ohio AAP’s premier publication, dedicated to providing newsworthy information relating to current issues in pediatrics, activities and programs put on by the Ohio AAP, and a look into the advocacy work done by the Chapter.

To view an electronic version of this issue, click here.

Highlights from the Summer 2022 Edition include: 

  • 2021-2022 Ohio AAP Annual Report: Discover the outcomes, successes and chapter impacts from the past year in our newly released Annual Report!
  • It’s Time to Get Your Patients Caught Up on Missed Immunizations: A lot of things were put on hold during the pandemic, including adolescent well visits and immunizations. It’s time to protect adolescents from vaccine-preventable diseases including meningitis, tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, and HPV-related cancers.
  • New Evidence-Informed Milestones for Developmental Surveillance Tools: In 2019, the CDC provided funding for the American Academy of Pediatrics to convene a group of experts to review the milestones that were originally released in 2004 and make recommendations for evidence-informed revisions. The new Evidence-Informed Milestones for Developmental Surveillance were released in February 2022 by the CDC and in Pediatrics.
  • Ohio AAP Enhancing Programs and QI Resources to Help You Improve: Embracing change and innovation is not limited to participants in Ohio AAP quality improvement (QI) programs – the Chapter also recently implemented new strategies to improve programs and offerings for members. Read on to learn more about these pieces and how they can assist program participants in achieving meaningful and sustainable impacts.

Have an idea for an article? Please submit your suggestions to Olivia Simon. All article submissions will be reviewed by the editorial board before acceptance.

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