CDC Project Firstline: New Micro-Learn Training and Education Resources for Healthcare Leaders

If you are having a hard time finding infection control trainings to fit your team’s needs, CDC Project Firstline has you covered! Project Firstline just launched the Infection Control Micro-Learns, a series of guided infection control discussions that provide brief, on-the-job educational opportunities.

Each micro-learn focuses on a single infection control topic and connects concepts to immediate, practical value so healthcare workers can take action to stop the spread of germs. The first topic available is blood, with additional topics being released over the next few months.

The micro-learns were created for supervisors who oversee teams and serve as training promoters or facilitators. Each micro-learn topic includes a user guide, a discussion guide, and a ready-to-use job aid making it easy for healthcare leaders to fit infection control training in their busy schedules.

Considerations for how or when to use micro-learning trainings:

  • When a facility is experiencing an outbreak of a pathogen that spreads easily in health care, e.g., C difficile
  • During an upcoming relevant event or health observance (e.g., Patient Safety Awareness Week,
  • Hepatitis Awareness Month, International Infection Prevention Week)
  • To address an infection risk that’s specific to a facility or unit, such as when an accidental needlestick has occurred or if healthcare workers are not wearing appropriate PPE during patient interactions.
  • To address community-level issues, such as an increase in spread of respiratory illnesses
  • In response to a recent citation for not adhering to proper infection control protocols

Project Firstline encourages healthcare leaders to take advantage of these free, adaptable infection control training resources which were developed to meet the specific needs and learning preferences of the healthcare workforce. For more information about Project Firstline and additional resources, visit

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