Advocacy Alert! Ohio HB 218 written testimony needed!

The Ohio House of Representatives has passed HB218 (see attached), which prohibits schools, and private and state colleges from requiring vaccines that are not FDA approved, and more importantly, allows for a very wide range of vaccine exemptions, including:

  • Medical contraindications
  • Natural Immunity
  • Reasons of personal conscience, including religious convictions

While some medical settings have been exempted in the current bill, such as ICU’s and Children’s Hospitals, they have NOT exempted primary care practices where many vulnerable infants and toddlers are seen multiple times a day! We stand in strong opposition to this bill, which not only takes the rights our members have away in terms of enforcing workforce requirements in your practices to protect yourself and your patients and families, it would further degrade public health efforts to manage this pandemic, as well as negatively impact child health.

Written testimony is due by noon on Monday, December 6th You can send your testimony to The required witness slip (click here to download) is required, and please indicate if you are submitting written only. We have also attached talking points here for your reference.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Melissa Wervey Arnold, CEO, at

Thank you for taking action!

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