Teen Driving – A Parent’s Role

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Parents must play an active role in their teens driving. Parents are often unaware of the teen’s risky driving habits. Parents need to be involved with their teen by:

  • Giving permission to obtain a license
  • Controlling their access to the vehicle
  • Punish teens for not following family restrictions
  • Influence selection of the vehicle driven
  • Serve as driving instructors, supervisors, and role models.

Although not fully studied, parent-teen driving contracts help to delineate rules and consequences and improve communication and attitudes. Early research has shown that these contracts can play a role in decreasing teen traffic violations and crashes. Please use our contract building resource to start the conversation with your child and set safe guidelines for their driving rules.

We have developed a checkpoints system that will engage your child in safe driving practices. There are two stages to the checkpoints system, a provisional checkpoint contract for the first month-6 month period of driving, and also a graduated checkpoint contract for the 6-12 month driving phase. Each stage has specific components, restrictions, and minimum time requirements that can be customized by the parent and child for each contract. To graduate to the next stage, the driver must spend the required time in that stage, acquire and demonstrate proficiency in driving skill, and not incur a driving violation during the defined period. The provisional stage is designed to give the teen extensive driving experience under low risk, supervised conditions.  These guidelines also follow Ohio’s GDL – Graduated Driver License Law. 

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The concept for this contract is taken from Checkpoints™. Checkpoints™ is a trademark of the US DHHS.

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