Put A Lid On It! Fundraiser and Contest


Bike Helmet Safety Awareness announces:

T-Shirt Sale and Helmet Contest

Only $15 per shirt!

Win up to 30 helmets for your group!

Open through April 11, 2014

*Proceeds will be used for the purchase of bike helmets.

The Ohio AAP Put a Lid On It Program is happy to announce our first ever t-shirt sale and contest in conjunction with Bike Helmet Safety Week 2014! Now through April 11, you can purchase a shirt for only $15, with proceeds supporting the purchase of bike helmets. The group who purchases the most t-shirts will win 30 bike helmets; additional winners are possible subject to the success of the sale. You do not have to participate in the contest to purchase a shirt – every sale will lead to additional helmets for Ohio’s children!

To participate, simply:

  1. Visit: http://www.booster.com/put-a-lid-on-it by April 11.
    1. Share this link with anyone who may be interested in purchasing t-shirts or supporting the Put A Lid On It program.
  2. Purchase your desired number of Put A Lid On It t-shirts through the site.
    1. T-shirts are available in sizes from Youth XS to Adult 4XL (ladies shirts also available!)
    2. Shirts cost only $15.00 each, and there is a $5.00 shipping and handling fee per order – order multiple shirts together to minimize this fee!
  3. When checking out, put your group’s name in the “Display my name as:” box. We will add all orders with the same group name together to determine the contest winner(s).
    1. Be sure to share your agreed upon group name for checkout with anyone who will be ordering shirts from your group.
  4. T-shirts will be automatically delivered to the address you enter at checkout on about April 25.
  5. We will contact the contest winner(s) regarding distribution of their helmets after the close of sales on April 11.

* Please also note: Helmet grant decisions will be announced by the end of this week.