7,500 Bike Helmets Distributed Through Ohio AAP Put A Lid on It! Bike Helmet Safety Awareness Program

COLUMBUS – Bicycle helmets will be going to children across Ohio this summer thanks to a continued partnership between the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP). This year, a $15,000 grant from Honda of America Marysville is helping provide helmets to children throughout Ohio.

More than 7,500 bicycle helmets will be distributed this year for the 12th year of the Ohio AAP’s Put a Lid on It! Bike Helmet Safety Awareness campaign. With warmer weather comes more opportunities for time spent outside on bicycles and the opportunity for injury. Up to 75% of bike-related fatalities would be prevented with a helmet and wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 85%.

A combination of efforts is necessary to effectively increase helmet usage rates among Ohio children including raising awareness of the benefits, encouraging model behavior among adults, distributing bike helmets to Ohio children, and advocating for supportive public policies.

“Helmets not only save lives and prevent injuries, but also prevent unnecessary trips to hospitals and burdens on the health care system.” said Melissa Wervey Arnold, Chief Executive Officer of the Ohio AAP. “We are incredibly grateful to once again partner with ODOT through the Put a Lid on It campaign. With their continued support, we will be able to supply bike helmets to hundreds and continue protecting Ohio’s children.”

This afternoon, the Ohio AAP and ODOT were able to distribute bike helmets to more than 150 local organizations across the state. Training materials for biking education, including how to properly fit children with bike helmets were also provided. Local news media also joined the day’s festivities to help share the amazing work of this program and the important messaging around bike helmet safety.

To learn more about Bike Helmet Safety Awareness, visit the Put a Lid on It page at the Ohio AAP’s website at www.ohioaap.org/putalidonit.    

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