Timely Recognition of Abusive Injuries (TRAIN) Collaborative Project

Are you interested in improving your ability to recognize abuse in young infants?

Then please consider joining the TRAIN Collaborative!

TRAIN is a quality improvement collaborative designed to improve identification and standardization of the evaluation of infants with injuries. Learn more about how you can become involved to protect Ohio’s most vulnerable children here, or download the Ohio AAP TRAIN Project Overview.

  •  Nearly 1 in 3 abused children has been seen previously by a medical provider with an injury that was not recognized as abuse.
  • These injuries, known as “sentinel injuries”, are often minor – an isolated bruise or a small lesion to the mouth, for example.
  • Because they often appear so seemingly minor, however, these sentinel injuries may not be recognized as abuse. The child may return home to an abusive environment and experience recurrent harm.

The frequency with which children are identified as having a sentinel injury has quadrupled since launch of the Collaborative.

We are currently recruiting practices to participate in the next wave of TRAIN, launching in spring 2018. Participating providers will receive:

  • Education on identification and the importance of sentinel injuries
  • Training and support in implementing evidence-based recommendations for evaluation of infants with injury
  • Strategies to work collaboratively with caregivers whose children have injury
  • Qualifying physicians can receive 25 Points of ABP MOC Part IV credit and opportunities to earn ABP Part II MOC credit
  • Networking opportunities with other healthcare providers interested in injury identification and child abuse prevention
  • Guidance and quality improvement coaching from the Ohio AAP

For more information on this project or to register to participate, contact Hayley Southworth at hsouthworth@ohioaap.org or 614-846-6258