Store It Safe Adolescent Suicide Prevention Program

Store It Safe is a unique partnership of healthcare providers, firearm safety experts, and community organizations established to keep children safe from unintentional gun deaths and teens safe from suicide by firearms. Young children are curious and will touch anything, while teens are still learning to control impulses. Our goal is to inform families of risks so they can keep their children safe.


Reversing the Trend of Irreversible Actions

Adolescent suicide has increased 58% in the past 10 years.

  • The teen brain is still developing, so teens are not always able to make the best choices. This puts them at higher risk for many types of injuries, including suicide.
  • Teens can engage in risky behaviors and react to seemingly small stressors. They may be depressed or make impulsive decisions with deadly results.


The Ohio AAP is working on two specific opportunities:

  • PROVIDING EDUCATION to healthcare providers, pediatricians, family doctors and other clinicians statewide.
    • The training includes using the depression screening and providing educational tools and resources to families, including lock boxes for patients to safely store firearms and medications. Data collected by the Ohio AAP shows that families consider pediatricians the most trusted source for education on injury prevention and firearm safety.
    • The next step will be the Ohio AAP expanding the training to school-based professionals: nurses, guidance counselors, social workers and mental health counselors
  • DEVELOPING PUBLIC POLICY that would include a tax credit for families to purchase lock boxes and/or other security measures for safe storage solutions for their home.